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Only some areas are covered by our qualified roof and roughcaster fitter partner. We 100% Guarantee that if your area is covered, you’ll be contacted and informed by our partner, therefore you need to enter your postcode and we will see if our partner builder services your area. Our partner will let you know if any of the roof and roughcaster specialists can fit, design and install a new roof and roughcaster and give you a free quote.

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How does the Showhome Promotion work?

We have partnered with a roof and roughcasting builder fitter in the Central Belt of Scotland- Ultimate Home Solutions. They are renewing their promotional material; hence, the new collection needs to be shown in online and physical catalogues and in other promotional material. In other words, our partner may want to work with you in order to take pictures of your new roof or roughcasting in your real home! They are looking for a wide range of kitchen shapes and designs for their catalogues.  Obviously all your details remain confidential.

Ideally, our builder partner is looking for model roofs, wallcoating and roughcasting of each range and different shape, therefore their marketing department has set up different quotas per range and per postcode. Our partner will contact you and inform you of the promotion and how you can benefit from it.

You will be required to allow the respective marketing team to take pictures of before and after the work. This is to showcase in the builder’s promotional material. Videos and time-lapse videos may also be taken and ideally, a video testimonial will be made, although this may not be necessary.

In exchange, you will receive a brand new bespoke roof and exterior wall  roughcasting, fitted to your style for a portion of the regular price.

All the work is done under all necessary accreditations to work safely and you will receive all the guarantees of workmanship on your new roof and roughcasting.

How can I get a new roof and roughcasting?

The roof and roughcasting fitter and designer that we have partnered up with cover most of Scotland. By entering your details, your local builder will contact you and explain how the Showhome promotion works. Typically, you would need to fulfil the following:

  • Are you a homeowner?
  • Are you employed, self-employed or retired?
  • Is the project affordable? We must ensure you understand that the roof and roughcasting are not free.

It really is that simple. Start the process and complete the form in 30 seconds to see if you can benefit from using your new roof as a showhome promotion. Find out if you can receive a discount compared to the regular price on your new dream roof.

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Why are discounts offered on new roughcasts and roofs?

It is really quite simple, we work with a few roughcast and roof builders and fitters and they need to build a new set of photograph them for their promotional material.

Recent studies have shown that pictures of our work in real homes in our promotional material have a higher conversion rate than studio pictures. In essence, using pictures of your home in our catalogues increases our sales volume.

We therefore need picture of homes with new wallcoating in real homes, and in exchange we will give you a discount for your new wallcoating

This all means the average cost of the new look for your home can be greatly reduced.

We need to renew the pictures of work done on real homes in our new catalogue. We also need new types of photos and videos for our online promotions.

The renewed popularity of online promotion has made it essential that we have photos that meet the digital requirements. In essence, we are redoing photoshoots of some previous range, but to a digital promotion quality. Technology now makes it possible to animate the progress of the transformation of your home.

We are living in really exciting times in terms of technological advances, but that means that we need to renew our roughcasting and roof range photos and how they are taken.

Examples of types of work

Gable end wallcoating
Grey roof
Wallcoating a sandstone house

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