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Wallcoating your home’s exterior walls is Scotland will allow your home to resist the erosion caused by the weather.  The biggest damage is caused by cracks in your exterior walls that allow water ingress.  Water, when frozen, expands.  Therefore the water ingress in winter will expand in further crack the walls.

I turn, this will diminish the insulation properties of your home’s external walls.  Once dampness settles in the walls, you will feel cold in your home, not only due to the temperature droping, but to the dampness and humidity in your walls.

Wallcoating creates a thin layer that covers your external walls.  Your walls will need preparation to ensure that the base layer is solid and will keep its solidity for years to come.  The wallcoating product is silicone based, meaning that it is resistant and repellant to water and dust, but remains breathable.


Wallcoating is available in different colours and is mostly maintenance free.  Moss and algae will not grow on your walls and the walls will keep their appearance for many years to come.  You will be able to choose a colour that will match your style and preferences.

The main benefit to wallcoating is the cost, it is of better value than the equivalent roughcast or render.  On top, it comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee, but has a lifetime expectancy of 25 years.

As wallcoating is breathable, but water repellent, the insulation capacity of the walls improve.  The breathability ensure that any moisture in the walls can easily evaporate, but no further water comes in.  In turn, this allows you to stay warm and dry.  This property creates an invisible insulation.

Discolouration due to UV rays are kept to a minimum and your walls your retain their original colour for years to come.



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Contact an expert builder through Help to Buy roof roughcasting to find out more about how to start a new roof or exterior wall renovation project.

We’ll explain the pros and cons of all available options for your new home renovation.  Our qualified building surveyors will explain the different styles and possibilities within your own space.  As all our products are bespoke, we will build around any physical constraints.

We are here to help you decide the best roof or roughcasting to suit your individual and family needs and manage the project while keeping you informed every step of the way.

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Are all costs included in the quote?

Where do I start?

Can I spread the cost of the roof?

HTB roof and roughcasting Pros and Cons

HTB roof and roughcasting are industry leaders in terms of partnering with the best exterior home renovators  and fitter in your area. We believe builders should focus on what they are good at- which is designing and fitting great roofs and roughcasting. We focus on marketing their work- which is what we are good at.

Our partnered roof and roughcaster in Scotland is Ultimate Home Solutions based in Glasgow. They have been in existence for over 10 years, offering personal service and with industry experience of over 50 years in the home renovation sector.

The partnered builder has been providing customised roofs and roughcasting which fit with the lifestyle of our clients. As leading exterior renovators, they are renowned for their professionalism and commitment to excellence which has seen delivery of countless quality roofs and roughcasting for Scottish homeowners.

We specialise in introducing expert builders to replace your roof and roughcasting whilst giving you excellent guarantees and installation.  Roof and roughcasting designs and renovations, with personalised service and custom designs a standard for each and every home in Scotland. Utilising the experienced in-house design team, as well as a Site Co-ordinator who will navigate you through each stage of the renovation process, the manufacture and installation process has been developed to be streamlined and rewarding. We are committed to providing you with a bespoke roof and roughcasting which complements your personal style.

Are all costs included in the quote?

You will receive a detailed quote for the work to be done.  The quote will include the material, the workmanship, the installation and anything else that is required.  Every quote is bespoke, therefore please clarify any grey areas before agreeing to the contract.  You do have a 14 day cooling off period.


Where do I start?

Ideally, you should have an idea of the type of tiles for roofs or the colour of roughcasting or wallcoating for your exterior walls, the budget and the timeline.  These could still be vague ideas, but they are a good starting point.  Looking online for inspirations or going to showrooms can help if you have time.  Else the surveyor will be able to guide you through the different options.


Can I Spread the Cost of the renovation?

By being FCA regulated, the roof and roughcasting builder is able to offer you a finance offer that will suit your needs.

What can I do to reduce the cost?

One of the methods to reduce the cost of a new roof or roughcasting is by doing some of the work yourself if you are handy.  This could include disposing of the old roof tiles or braking the old roughcast that may have water ingress.  Basically, anything that reduces the time for the tradespeople to spend in your property.  The drawback is that you will have no guarantees of workmanship and quality on these aspects of the job.

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After you complete the contact us page, you will be contacted by our wallcoating specialist. They will ask you questions about your project and set up an appointment with the wall surveyor. This will be in the comfort of your own home, or in one of the showrooms should you want.
You will receive new wall ideas that will fit into your own space and that fulfils your requirements as well as quote to do the work.
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